(ninth RacketCon) is the meeting for everyone interested in Racket—a general-purpose programming language that’s also the world’s first ecosystem for language-oriented programming.

RacketCon is for developers, contributors, programmers, educators, and bystanders. It’s an opportunity for all of us to share plans, ideas, and enthusiasm, and help shape the future of Racket.

Two firsts this year:

1) RacketCon is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We’ll be at the Tessman Auditorium at The City Library.

2) RacketCon happens right after Racket School. All Racket School tickets also include admission to RacketCon. For more info, visit the Racket School web page.

RacketCon only (2 days) $69 base
$99 patron
$49 academic
Beautiful Racket workshop + RacketCon (5 days total) $299 base
$499 patron
$149 academic
How to Design Languages + RacketCon (7 days total) $499 base
$699 patron
$249 academic

Base tickets are available to all.

Patron tickets cover our full cost of offering these events, plus a little extra to help support Racket development at large. Racket is part of the Software Freedom Conservancy.

Academic tickets are available to participants from academic institutions that need a subsidy. If this subsidized rate is still not low enough, we are offering a limited number of scholarships. Please apply here.

Eventbrite fees are added during checkout.

To be announced soon!


My dominant feeling at RacketCon was: “wait hold on are you trying to tell me you people been here doing this the whole time?”

Satisfied Customer, RacketCon 2018