(fifth RacketCon)

27 Sept 2015

St. Louis



#lang racket (require math plot) ;; variations on the Gateway Arch ;; see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gateway_Arch#Mathematical_elements (define fc 625.0925) (define Qb 1262.6651) (define Qt 125.1406) (define L 299.2239) (define A (/ fc (sub1 (/ Qb Qt)))) (define C (acosh (/ Qb Qt))) (define (eero x) (* -1 A (sub1 (cosh (/ (* C x) L))))) (define (normalized-eero w) (inverse (λ (x) (/ (eero (* w x)) w)) -1 1)) (define spread 700) (parameterize ([plot-decorations? #f] [line-samples 100]) (plot (for/list ([x (in-range (- spread) spread 6)]) (parameterize ([line-color (random 128)] [line-width (random)]) (normalized-eero x))) #:x-min -1 #:x-max 1 #:y-min -1 #:y-max 1 #:width 800 #:height 400))

27 Sept 2015 in St. Louis (the day after Strange Loop)

RacketCon is a public meeting for everyone interested in Racket: developers, contributors, programmers, educators, and bystanders. It’s an opportunity for all members of the community to come together to share plans, ideas, and enthusiasm. RacketCon will enable the entire Racket community to mingle: to update each other, to exchange ideas, to collaborate, and to help shape the future of Racket.


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Keynote speaker

Matthias FelleisenThe Racket Manifesto

Confirmed speakers

Spenser BaumanTracing Comes to Racket
Marc BurnsRocking with Racket
Byron DaviesRexcel: A Racket-based spreadsheet processing system
Jack FirthGeneric Syntax Expanders and Extensible Macros
Matthew FlattBinding as Sets of Scopes
Spencer FlorenceCode Coverage Outside of DrRacket
Ben GreenmanA #lang for All Seasons
Andrew KentPractical Dependently Typed Racket
Alexis KingTBD
Jay McCarthyBithoven and the NES Chamber Orchestra
Samuel RebelskyTBD
Vishesh YadavThe Big Bang Universe on the World Wide Web


Matthew ButterickMark SheadDLRWearable

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